In 1981 a group of young mothers set up a local Māori Women’s Support Group known as Tautoko Wahine Tautoko Whānau. They wanted for themselves and their tamariki, a place to meet, tautoko and korero Māori.

Their aim then was to set up a place where all activities such as education and health could be held. Te Whetu o Te Rangi Marae Committee agreed for a building to be erected for a Kohanga Reo. A Bach was purchased and the Kohanga Reo had a home. A second building was purchased and from this building the administration and health clinic operated. The Kohanga Reo and Health Centre attracted whānau back to the Marae.

Whaioranga Trust was established in 1982, it was the first Marae based, Māori Health provider in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Whaioranga Trust has paved the way for many Māori Health Providers in Tauranga Moana and throughout the Motu.

Like our Iwi, our people, we are still here, providing much needed health and social services to our people. From the original service of “Whānau Support” there exists today services including Whānau Support, Rongoa, Mirimiri, Counselling, Mental Health, Disabilities and the Kaumatua Programme.


He oranga ai ngā whānau tū kaha ai te iwi

Healthy families, strong communities


  • To maintain and / or enhance the health status of Māori

  • To empower individuals and whānau by working collaboratively to identify their own personal strength’s

  • To encourage and support whānau to make positive decisions about the care and protection of their own children and young people

  • To provide skilled people to work with whānau in their homes and the community

  • To facilitate people together in groups where they can develop, share and combine their experiences and knowledge


Mā te mahi tahi ka puāwai ai ngā whānau

Provide quality services and support encompassing Te Ao Māori



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