In 1981 a group of young mothers set up a local Māori Women’s Support Group known as Tautoko Wahine Tautoko Whānau. They wanted for themselves and their tamariki, a place to meet, tautoko and korero Māori.

Their aim then was to set up a place where all activities such as education and health could be held. Te Whetu o Te Rangi Marae Committee agreed for a building to be erected for a Kohanga Reo. A Bach was purchased and the Kohanga Reo had a home. A second building was purchased and from this building the administration and health clinic operated. The Kohanga Reo and Health Centre attracted whānau back to the Marae.


He oranga ai nga whānau, tu kaha ai te iwi

Healthy whānau, strong communities


Whaioranga Trust delivers multiple services utilising Kaupapa Maori values and practices as guidelines to support whanau. Our primary focus is the wellbeing of whanau, hapu and iwi. We provide a range of services to support whanau to live well in the community.


Mauri Mahi, Mauri Mana, Mauri Ora, Mauri Tangata

To provide quality services and support our community

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