Key Support Services During Covid-19 Lockdown

April 9, 2020
Key Support Services

Here are some key support services out there if you or Whanau you know are needing some support at this time.

Food banks are the fastest and (at this time) less invasive way to go but as we know they are inundated at the moment.

Civil defence BOP welfare team are a go between or link to businesses who are supporting with kai, blankets, bedding and toiletries. It was a lengthy process, lots of details are required including a privacy statement. 0800 884 222 | Bay of Plenty Civil Defence

KAI AROHA – Feeding our hungry Community delivers up to 2 meals per whanau member (can be more at this time, depends on need) and although they usually only provide on Fridays they have added more days during the lockdown, just a few details required In your email they just need names, how many adults how many children, ages address.

Te Manu toroa, kai parcels, usually have to be registered with TMT but at this time they are trying to help wherever they can, 2 service users/whanau linked there. You can ring Te Manu Toroa 075712026 directly or fast track With details of who, how many etc